Favorite Gluten-Free Products

This is a list of my favorite gluten-free products available in stores or online.

Hail Merry - When an acquaintance raved about these $5 tarts sold at our food coop, initially I scoffed - how could a packaged dessert merit the high price tag? Well, I'm here to tell you that the Meyer Lemon Merry's Miracle Tart I sampled was worth every dollar

Emmy's Organics - GF, Raw, & Vegan! The richness of pure raw cacao, the freshness of vanilla bean, the sweetness of organic ground cinnamon, the allure of hot chile peppers – all harmoniously blended into delightful symphonies of satisfaction. Good rich flavor, with a pleasing bite that’s not too hot.
Against the Grain - We love their rosemary dinner rolls and pizza crust.

Vermont Gluten Free Bakery - "Holy Cow this is Fantastic!" bread varieties. Really. Really. Good.