Sunday, September 12, 2010

Verdict on Baked Beet Chips

The Beet Chip Experiment was a mixed success. Some chips cooked just fine, while others came out rubbery. If you have the option, I'd still say that deep frying is your best bet. If not, in order to use this baking method, slice your beets with a mandoline. I used my food processor and the slices were mostly to thick; also, the processor will slice unevenly. Don't try slicing by hand unless you have near-surgical control with a kitchen knife! Another note on baking beet chips: no way does the baking take 40 minutes to one hour. If your chips are thin enough, it should take only about 20 minutes, and be sure to check them every 5. At 400 degrees some of mine were burning around the edges at about 7 minutes. I may try partially dehydrating the slices first, then baking them...


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