Friday, March 4, 2011

Barbarian Cooks Menu for March 5 Farmers' Market

Well, assuming I get all this finished in time (!!) here's what I plan to be selling on Saturday. And if not this month, then next market day. :-) Want something but can't make it to the market? Call or email me - I'm going to start doing a small number of special orders for local delivery. I suppose the non-refrigerated stuff could even be mailed, too, for you folks from other parts of the country.    802.779.8082

Cinnamon buns (with or without pecan topping)
Brioche bread loaves
Cornbread mini-loaves
Carrot cake (individual sized)
Thinmint cookies
Gingerbread chickens
Chocolate snap cookies
Almond butter and chocolate cookies

RAW FOOD DESSERTS (all recipes are vegan)
Chocolate "cheeseless" cheesecake (by the slice)
Pineapple "cheeseless" cheesecake (individual size)
Chocolate-mint brownies
VT apple pie chocolates
Hazlenut chocolate frogs

RAW FOOD SAVORY SNACKS (all recipies are vegan)
Apple chips
Mixed veggie flax crackers
"Cheesy" kale chips

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