Friday, October 15, 2010

ARTSY LIBRARIAN CONTEST to Benefit Public Libraries

Dear Fans, please pass this announcement on to your public library and all of your library-loving friends! The contest is open to ALL artists affiliated with any public library. ~N.K.

The Barbarian Librarians Craft Collective in Woodstock, VT is pleased to announce the  Artsy Librarian Contest!
Barbarian Librarians is a small but growing group of artists and crafters who believe that public libraries are one of the cornerstones of vital, sustainable communities.  Artists and book lovers in small towns share a common cause in their desire to promote a culture of literacy, creativity and inventiveness in their community. Barbarian Librarians strives to facilitate connections between artists and "book people" for mutual benefit.

I would personally like to invite your artistically-inclined library staff to submit digital images of their artwork to our Artsy Librarian Contest. The 5 winners will receive:

  • A $50 donation for their library
  • One year's worth of dividends on Artsy Librarian product sales for their library
  • A gift certificate for a Barbarian Librarians T-shirt or stationery pack for themselves
The 5 winning art images will be used in the creation of Artsy Librarian Stationery and miniature insets for Artsy Librarian Jewelry (bracelet, earrings, and tie tack).
Artsy Librarian Contest Submission Deadline: November 1, 2010
Who is Eligible to Enter:
  • Public library staff, trustees, volunteers, and Friends group officers
  • Must be 18 years or older
Submission Guidelines:
  • Artwork must be previously unpublished and you must be the only one with rights to the work; you must be able to certify that the work is entirely your own and that the work does not infringe on any existing copyright or trademark (for example, copies of another artist's work are not acceptable)
  • If your work is in a 2-dimensional medium (painting, drawing, collage, photography, cut paper, digital art, etc.) scanning is preferred, but if your canvas is too large for scanning you may use a high-quality digital photo; if you are a sculptor or do other 3-dimensional work, please take a high-quality digital photo under good light
  • Scan or digital photo should be at least 5"x7" and 300dpi resolution (600dpi is preferred); larger sizes and resolutions are fine
  • Color work is preferred
  • Artwork should "show" well in small sizes (the images will be used on greeting cards and part or all of the artwork will be reproduced on 1" square jewelry panels)
How to Send Artwork:
  • Email digital images of up to 3 pieces of artwork (B.L. respects your privacy and will not put you on any mailing list, send you spam, or give your contact information to anyone else)
  • Large digital files can be compressed with WinZip to reduce file to a size suitable for emailing
  • If it will not be possible for you to get a high quality image of your work, please call or email to arrange to send either a conventional photograph or the work itself
What Else to Send With Your Submissions:
  • Personal Info: include your name, preferred email address, phone number, and your library position title
  • The name of your library and your library's mailing address (so a donation check can be mailed if you are one of the winners)
  • For each submission please include a title, the media with which it was created, and any other information about it which you would like to include
  • Please let us know whether you would like us to publicize your name along with your artwork if you are one of our winners, or whether you would like to remain anonymous
Rights and Reimbursement:
  • If your artwork is chosen, it is understood that you agree to allow Barbarian Librarians to alter the work so as to make it suitable for use in a variety of products: this may include but may not be limited to cropping, color correction, resizing, etc.
  • You, the artist, will retain rights to your original work of art (for example, if you submit a scan of a painting, you can still sell the original painting)
  • You agree to grant Barbarian Librarians the right to continue to use images of your artwork for products and publicity purposes, in perpetuity
  • You understand that you, personally, will not receive any cash reimbursement for the use of your artwork - the image of your artwork must be freely offered for charity purposes to benefit public libraries
  • At least 40% of Artsy Librarian product sales will be donated to public libraries; for one year, a dividend will be donated to the winners' libraries; after that time, dividends will go to Barbarian Librarians Featured Libraries (see the Barbarian Shares program on our website)
  • Any unused artwork will be deleted or returned to the artist and Barbarian Librarians will not retain any rights
Should you have more questions about the Artsy Librarian Contest, please do not hesitate to call or email. I look forward to seeing your work!!

Narissa Kent Willever Founder & Craft Collective Coordinator Barbarian Librarians 802.779.8082

To learn more about the Barbarian Librarians Craft Collective: Also, follow Barbarian Librarians onFacebook and Twitter!

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