Saturday, October 16, 2010

Steampunk Challenge

Thanks to  WORD for Teens for passing on this reading challenge! If you're not familiar with the Steampunk genre, here's your chance to get some excellent recommendations; if you're already a fan, sign up for the challenge and feed your obsession. ;-)

From the original Steampunk Challenge announcement on The Bookkeeper:

What is Steampunk? According to the New Oxford American Dictionary the sub-genre Steampunk is
a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.
I have been wanting to try out steampunk for a while now and recently read one story which I quite liked. So now I’m on to explore a bit more and it seems there are more people out there who want to get to know this genre better.
You want to read steampunk, share your opinion and reviews with like minded people? You want to get recommendations from others because you have no idea where to begin? Join the steampunk challenge and share the experience!
The challenge runs from October to October and there are no obligations other than to have fun discovering a genre and let other participants know about what you find.
You can sign up here with Mr. Linky. Once the challenge has started I will create another page forreview links or other blog posts related to Steampunk. Also, your reading recommendations are more than welcome. 
I’m looking forward to this challenge and to a fun and “steamy” twelve months!

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  1. I would suggest "Foundling" by D. M. Cornish. It's the first of the Monster Blood Tattoo series. It may not be exactly steampunk, but it's fantasy/ sci fi with a Dickensian feel, so that's steampunk in my book.
    The other that I LOVE that may qualify is "Fever Crumb" by Philip Reeve. I've been waiting and waiting for them to republish the Mortal Engines series (to which this is supposedly a prequel... but it works perfectly on its own). The strange world, with its dispassionate engineers who live inside a giant head (!) is incredible.


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