Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fable Farm Solstice Celebration on Thursday!

Dear Fable Farm Folks,

Solstice greets us today. Be sure to celebrate the high mark of the sun’s path as it’s light will be of greatest length. Today is a fantastic day to be outside, especially into evening.

This Thursday we will celebrate Summer Solstice with the pleasure of feast and gathering. It will be another Pot-Luck Pick-up but with a twist: a stone soup will be simmering and the earth oven fired. A stone soup is a soup made in a big pot wherein everyone brings something to add to it. On Thursday morning we will start a chicken broth, to be filled with whatever people bring to the pot that evening. The earth oven will be heated for people interested in experimenting with pizza. You’ll have to bring your own dough and toppings but know that the heat of the earth hearth will be available for use.

We are asking anyone who plays an instrument and wants to jam with others to bring it on Thursday. We are holding an open acoustic jam session. Feel free to invite your musical friends to come and play in round. The more the merrier.

As usual vegetables will be ready to be picked up by 4:30 The stone soup and pot-luck festivities will start around 5:30-6:-00. Come and go as you please.

May we celebrate the changing of the seasons with friends and family over soup and cider, fire and music.

Here’s to a happy Solstice and fruitful Summer,
Your Friends at Fable Farm

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